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Collective Reckoning

Enough is enough. 

It’s time for change. It’s time for you to want better, do better, be better. It’s time for a collective reckoning.

Apply to be a part of this intimate group learning program to stop being an active bystander and start being a vessel for impact.

Apply to Collective Reckoning

Here’s the truth: I don’t think you care -- no really, I don’t.

Because while most people say they want to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusivity, they lack the commitment needed to dive into the deep work ahead.

So you tell me: do you really care?

There are 5 pillars to understanding equity and inclusion to know where to start on your journey to active bystander engagement. And without a true understanding of these pillars, the internal work simply won’t get done.

Are you ready to walk the walk?

Apply to Collective Reckoning

Know this— I care very deeply about Y-O-U.

It takes a lot of courage to admit you need support.

Maybe you just don’t know where to start. Or what terms and concepts you need to know. Or whether you’ll ever find a safe space to share your heart, failures, and desires to begin this journey of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the workforce, schools, or your community.

I see you. And I’m here for it.



This group program is for:

Individuals who are ready to learn and unpack the ABC's of Race Relations in the USA & the world (yes, this is a global issue).

This is the very first step before you can take action in your daily life and truly be an active bystander. You need to really understand these terms and concepts before you can even think about applying it to your business, school, or community.

We will move through in depth teaching on the 5 foundational pillars: 



✨ An intimate group program limited to only *10* participants

✨ 8 Weeks of Live Teaching Calls with Delicia

✨ A safe community and space to ask reflection questions and process the academic terms & experiences

✨ A private community reserved for cohort participant only to collectively go on this journey

✨ Lifetime Access to Participant Learning Portal equipped with all of the teaching materials 


✨A quick fix to check this off your to-do list

✨A deep dive into EVERYTHING you need to know… this is just the beginning

✨A one-time thing -- you must commit to the lifetime journey of this work

Collective Reckoning begins on May 13th, 2021. 


So who the hell am I to be doing this work?

I am Delicia Alarcón, a higher education professional turned online entrepreneur and personal Hype Tia™ who runs on iced coffee. 

I am a First-Gen Latina College Graduate, jersey girl, and my parents are from Paraguay. By day I am a career coach, diversity and inclusion educator, and CEO/Founder of Delilingo Academy!

As a teacher and academic professional, I approach this like I prepare my lessons. First, I teach vocabulary, then sentence/grammatical structures, and then the verbs and conjugations in order to form coherent sentences. Then you use these skills to be able to speak the language. The same is true for dismantling our systems of oppression in society. We must learn these new terms and actively participate in the growing pains of what it means to unlearn internalized racism, sexism, and ableism in our lives.

This group program is for you if you:

  1. Ready to unpack the academic terms to understand the sociological frameworks needed to unpack your own biases

2.Eager to show up as an Ally and NOT a performative activist (AKA just posting a black square on social media and then not doing anything after the post). A social media post is a form of solidarity however it can not and should not be the ONLY thing you do

3. Committed to show up to dismantle whyte supremacy, ableism, racism, and sexism [all the -isms] in our society in order to live in a more equitable world.

This “work” exists on social media, on the streets protesting, in the classrooms, in our homes discussing it with our families, and at our jobs. We all exist in these institutions and it is up to US to dismantle from within and from the outside in.

This is a daily moment to moment commitment. 

This Group Program can serve as an entry point to your own personal reckoning and from here you must continue. Just because you spent 8 weeks unpacking with our community.

It doesn’t mean you are done. 

It does not mean you are absolved of continuing to reckon with your socialized identities, your privileges and/or your marginalized identities.

We all live at the intersections of our privileges, marginalizations, and power dynamics (Kimberlé Crenshaw’s work on Intersectionality)

It’s time for a Collective Reckoning.

Module Breakdowns  

Released on Fridays after our calls -- each Thursday we will process the material that was released the week before

  • Week #1

  • Welcome + Community Guidelines

  • We will set the container to make sure we are all on the same page

  • Welcome and introduce each other & WHY we decided to show up for this work in this particular moment in history

  • Week #2

  • Module 1: Macro Level: Critical Race Theory + Sociological Terms/ Frameworks

  • We will spend some time unpacking Critical Race Theory and the history in the USA in order to understand the sociological implications of Racism

  • Week #3

  • Module 2: Micro Level: Social Identities + Intersectionality 

  • We will spend some time with Kimberlé Crenshaw's work on Intersectionality to understand the power dynamics and intersections of our identities and how it plays out in the world.

  • Will share articles, resources, and activities to unpack social identities

  • Week #4


  • You will receive your own personal account log in information within the training portal 

  • Week #5

  • Module 3: Macro Level: White Privilege, Whyte Supremacy & Whyte Power

  • This week we will unpack the nuances of Whyte Privilege, Whyte Supremacy & Whyte Power/Violence and its many forms in our society

  • There are many levels, layers, and intersections




  • Within each layer we will unpack how it shows up in our daily lives and how to dismantle & disrupt

  • Week #6

  • Module 4 Micro Level: Microaggressions + Active Bystander Engagement

  • Building on Whyte Privilege you must understand Microaggressions that over time can become violent hate crimes 

  • We will unpack how they relate to our own identities and how we have be indoctrinated to believe certain stereotypes, prejudices, and implicit/explicit biases

  • Once you understand how Microaggressions show up in our daily lives you can begin to actively dismantle & disrupt them in any given moment

  • Week #7

  • Module 5: Inclusive Business Practices, Equity at place of employment and schools/higher education

  • We will discuss how to have difficult conversations 

  • Best practices for Solo-preneurs

    Small changes you can make on your website Copy, etc

  • Tools on how to show up in the work and decide which lane you will stay in to be an Ally/Accomplice/Advocate & not just performative allyship -- each lane is different based on your social identities/power/privilege/and marginalized identity

  • Week #8

  • Week 8: INTEGRATE + PROCESS + REST + Q & A

  • Time to process the material and ask questions

  • Review materials and continue expanding understanding

  • Take this week to REST, RECHARGE, and RECONNECT to the mission and WHY you decided to show up for the WORK

WHEN: Starting: May 13th, 2021

Call day and times: Thursdays at 3:30pm EST -- 4:45 EST 

Teaching Materials Released on Fridays after our calls -- each Thursday we will process the material that was released the week before 

 Module Pre-recorded Teaching Content will be released on Fridays -- the material you work through on your own with reflection questions, action steps and personal life integrationThe Thursday calls will be used to process, answer additional questions, and work through discomfort in community with additional teaching/coaching/guidance from me.

Wait there's more...

  • Bonuses: Some Extra Support!

  • Two BONUS FINAL Q & A Call to process, answer questions, integrate [BONUS call times and dates TBD depending on our group cohort]

  • TOTAL: Ten 75 minute calls

Client Testimonials


Apply for the program and you will hear from me in 4-7 business days with payment details

Im Ready to Apply Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you'd still have questions, so that's why we prepared this section just for you.

What is the refund policy?

We don't offer refunds for this group program

What is the refund policy?

We don't offer refunds for this group program

What's your background in this work?

I am a higher education professional and Spanish Teacher turned online entrepreneur and works as a Career Coach, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Educator. More info here: https://www.deliciaalarcon.com/expertise

I want to know what else you offer?

I have a Resume Audit Checklist as a gift from me to you: https://www.deliciaalarcon.com/resources

Check out mini trainings, tips and tricks I share on social media Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/deliciadalarcon/

TikTok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMe65dTPA/

YouTube: https://youtu.be/Uxr9WElM_0w

Do I need to read about these terms before?

No, I will introduce these terms in our training and show how this work applies to everyone who shows up for this workshop and your respective community.

I know I will have questions, will there be a Q&A?

Yes, there will be a Q & A. I will set ground rules before the group program begins. This will be a transparent conversation. Please come with an open heart and mind to learn.Additional questions? Please email us directly at [email protected]

Will there be a replay?

Yes -- if you cannot attend a live Q & A session, I will send out the recorded replay. 

The module materials are pre-recorded 


DISCLAIMER:  These trainings are for educational purposes only and do not guarantee an outcome. Though these pillars have provided me with support in being an active bystander in my community I do not guarantee any specific outcome from taking this workshop.

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